Wednesday, 11 May 2011

San Jose to Uvita - 05/05/2011

After a couple of days spent in San Jose recovering from jet-lag and exploring the bustling city, we settled on the small Pacific coast town of Uvita as our next stop.  Having been warned about the perils of driving on Costa Rican roads (the tico drivers being more hazardous than the road conditions themselves) we decided to buy a 2 week unlimited bus ticket that would allow us to travel around with less stress (as well as being cheaper - car hire here can be prohibitively expensive).

Road improvement
A taste of the jungle
We left at 07h00 on a Thursday morning, and soon we were leaving the city on the winding, hilly roads west through Alujuela, Herradura and down to Jaco on the coast.  The small, airconditioned minibus stopped near Jaco where we stepped out for a break, totally unprepared for the wall of humidity and heat that hit us!  The hills beyond the small tourist town (very popular with surfers) were blanketed in thick jungle and mist - this was the type of landscape we had come to see!

Pacific views

We continued along the coast road towards Uvita, crossing wide rivers with views of the Pacific, the hills and jungle growing higher and thicker.  Finally we arrived at our destination - the Tucan Hotel - on a little side track off the main road.  This place is a great backpackers lodge with a very friendly atmosphere, ambient music, hammocks everywhere and a general chilled-out vibe.  This was to be our home from home for the next few days, and we were to get our first taste of real jungle.

The Tucan Hotel - chilled out to the max
Wall murals
Hasta la próxima vez...

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  1. The way you take is the best way, but there are other way to get Uvita described here:

    I like this other option because the visitor will be seing the mountains and it´s fresher thant the costanera way.