Saturday, 7 May 2011

San Jose

After a long and tiring journey, we finally made it to Costa Rica!  Our uneventful flight from the UK was almost 9 hours, and we arrived in Atlanta having crossed 7 time zones.  We had a further 4 hour wait for our next flight into San Jose (Costa Rica), which was spent sampling some Georgian beer.  After handing over a ludicrous amount of money for the beer, we finally boarded the flight to San Jose.  The sun set as we flew, and jet lag started to take its toll.

Arrival in San Jose in the evening was an interesting affair, as we had to find our transfer fom the airport to the hotel amidst a flurry of taxi drivers vying for our business.  Unregistered taxis are known for trying any trick in the book to get business.  If you make the mistake of responding to unsolicited offers by an unmarked taxi, such as divulging which hotel you're staying in, the response might be "your hotel has burnt down - I will take you to the sister hotel".  You'll end up somewhere dodgy, where the owner gives kickbacks to these guys for bringing in  business.  In the end though our guy found us and we made it to the hotel without incident.

The national theatre in the city centre
Our hotel ("Kap's Place") was/is an eclectic, friendly place in downtown San Jose, with an open plan and communal kitchen, and we quickly made friends with some interesting people, including a guy from Wisconsin who entertained us with stories of his adventures in C.R.  The city itself is bustling, and driving is not for the faint-hearted.  Just watch your belongings like a hawk (pickpockets are rife)!

Kap's Place - reception

A sample of the local flora
A couple of days in San Jose recovering from jet lag allowed us to plan the next step on our journey.  Watch this space!

Until then

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