Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Uvita - Some Like it Hot... 06/05/2011 to 08/05/2011

Airconditioning in our room at Tucan Hotel was a godsend - the humidity continued to rise during our first night, and was at 70% at its peak.  At that level, sweat was not evaporating and all that could be done was to increase the cold beer intake!

We awoke the next day with a mission in mind - to visit a waterfall that was recommended to see, about a kilometer up the track into the hills.  By the time we had ascended the steep road to where the path down to the waterfall began, we were soaked in sweat.  Then down along the wet path we went, under lianas and stepping carefully over leafcutter ants, the thickness of the jungle quickly enveloping us.  Although this path is well-used and popular with tourists and locals alike, it gave us an idea of what the untouched jungle further up the slopes of the surrounding hills must be like.  The waterfall and river at the bottom was beautiful, exotic birds were calling in the trees and flashes of vivid colour appeared and then quickly disappeared again behind the lush leaves.

The following day was spent relaxing and reading, with rain falling in bursts as the hotel owners prepared for a barbeque that night.  Evening fell to the smell of cooking meat, and by the time it was cooked, an ensemble of expat musicians had set up their gear for an evening of great entertainment.  Many cold beers and hours of great music abruptly ended when the power went down - a common occurrence in a country with regular storms and masses of rain.

The following Sunday was spent relaxing, and in the late afternoon we took a long walk to find the beach, which was a few kilometers along another dirt track towards a surfing town near the Balleno Marina National Park.  By the time we got there the rain was threatening and it was getting late, so we decided not to pay the entrance fee and turn back.  By the time we returned to the hotel, we were rain-soaked (but still sweating!) and the only cure was more cold beer...

Hasta luego....


  1. Love it, gorgeous pics:-) xxx

  2. Lovely pics, enjoy, and keep safe